Friday, 29 March 2013

The Bishop welcomes you all to come in to the one fold of GIM Diocese which gives top priority to your life spirituality and well being. Bishop extends his hearts and hands towards God to bless you all with grace and his presence  with earthly blessings.

Bishop has great concern towards the ministers of God and serves and equips them. With the GIM Diocesan Bishop aims to plant 1000 new churches with mission partners plan.

Besides preaching the gospel of Christ and planting churches, the Gim Diocese also sought other ways of serving and contributing to the well – being of society. This duel emphasis on evangelism and social concern is an essential part of the GIM Diocese and is congenial with human nature, body and soul.
      So I invite you all to GIM Diocese to stand together to preach and build the kingdom of God.


      This GIM Diocese is bravely marching forward marvellously on the path of evangelisation under the able and energetic guidance of his Excellency Rt. Rev. Dr. Santhana Peter.

GIM Diocese aims at preaching the gospel in season and out of season to all nation and shepherd the flock of Christ this includes the responsibility not only to feed but also to protect it from harm. Therefore it addresses on spiritual, social, legal and all other issues pertaining to churches, pastors and the people; leading to covenant relationship and partnership. GIM Diocese supports and strengthens the leaders with god’s vision and passion to spread the gospel. GIM Diocese insists on the ministry of the pastors to have Christ character and integrity of matured Christian life – it wants the pastors to have necessary gospel spirituality to build and spread kingdom of god on earth with love, peace, truth and justice.

            GIM Diocese and the Bishop is always praying for the believing community, so that they relieve the blessings of God in abundance.
Bishop’s prayer 

 Most Loving father, we thank thee  till this day your loving hand was with us and we commit ourselves into this precious hand to up hold guide, direct and bless us to prosper in all endeavour we admit every things for thy glory. We know victory comes from thy hand and unless the heaven gives we can’t receive anything. We humbly request your continual grace our favour and help to build your kingdom. I pray and  bless all the pastors and church members to grow spiritually and with all blessings . In His Holy name I bless you all peace and prosperity.


                It  is a great calling from the womb of my mother, as my both elder sister and Brother died within 20 days. My parents took a vow to give me to God’s service, the next born baby. I was the fortunate next baby to be sent to seminary for god’s service. As a catholic Boy I underwent my pre noviciate studies. But the Devine plan was to hold me in his precious hands through Pentecostal experience .I came back from seminary and i got salvation and became a pastor and had planted many churches in Nepal, Buttan, south India and north India. During these ministerial experiences god trained me under two bishops in some respective posts to serve the servants of god in those dioceses. In the year of 2010 god called me, I heard the voice of God as per the God’s word  Ezk 34: 12-16, 33: 23, 24. I will set over them a shepherd my servant David who will be the prince to lead them and God said according to  1 sam 17: 28-47, have great faith, as I was with david I will be with you, you will accomplish wonderful things for God and build many churches and bring together many people ( nations ) and to take up great responsibility as a Bishop and form a Diocese to serve the servants of god ,church and people.


 Vision to unite obscurity leaders of 2000 old churches to make healthy vibrant churches and plant new 1000 churches with in the span of 25 years.


Following this I had church ministry experiences in Nepal, Bhuttan, northern India states, of Bihar, West Bengal, Orissa, Nagpur and different parts of southern  states of India,as a great missionary with a burden to reach the unreached
With the grace of God on 10/4/12 I was consecrated as a Bishop by two Anglican church of India’s Moderators namely Most Rev. Dr. Durai Singh James of Hyderabad and Most Rev. Dr. John Sathya Kumar of Chennai, at Theological Bible College – Arasaradi – Madurai – Tamil Nadu – India. Both these Moderators are also the main    persons in The Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches – USA

·       My Anxiety is to build the People, Pastors, Churches and the Diocese.

  • ·     Bring together obscure pastors under are umbrella of Diocese and equip and train to become perfect pastors.
  • ·      Make all these churches healthy, vibrant.
  • ·     Choose new young leaders and impart them with theological knowledge and send them to new establishing churches.
  • ·    Look after the down trodden and make them live standard life (care those who live at edge of life, bring them up to high standard of life so that they lead a happy life.

 Bishop believes in love and fellowship – unity and co-operation – Bishop at least yearly once longs to meet the people and be with them and create a dialogue with each church member personally.


His Excellency Bishop, People, Pastors constitute the Diocese –on 10/04/2012   Bishop consecration and Installation  and Diocese was s Inauguration on 10/07/2012.

Diocese is a must in these days where there is lot of prosecutions and suffering are happening and  protection  are needed particularly legal for person, pastors and churches. This protection and security is guaranteed by the Diocese with the Bishop.

By bringing the obscurity pastors under one umbrella of Diocese, they are given safety, security and New Life style. The Diocese is empowered to give appropriate training to the pastors; it will take necessary care of the children, youth and woman. GIM Diocese will fight for the right of the minorities’ communities; the Bishop will care everyone in the Diocese with fatherly love.

The Bishop has the passion to build the diocese as the kingdom of God on earth.                                

The Bishop heads the church in all matters concerning pastors an the people. He is assisted by the Core Council and executive committee to have democratic atmosphere in the Diocese. Easy approach to the Pastors is ensured. Few needs and requests of the people are met with quickly. There is a Core  Committee executive bodies, and an advisory board. Thus one man show is avoided and transparency is guaranteed. All the works and dealings are oriented towards the spirituality of the people and spreading the kingdom of god. Through the various welfare schemes, the pastors are encouraged to work energetically in the vineyard of the Lord.

Administrative body is on the look on that pastors are equipped with necessary Biblical Knowledge. The pastors are made to undergo 70 hours of church based Biblical study and bible knowledge exam before the ordination. Seven requirements for Licence..(1).Must at least 25 years old (2) At least  Five years ministry experience (3)Should  live a consistent ,trust worthy Christian life (4)Should  have a immersion baptism and with baptism of the Holy Spirit  (5)Should be a mission partner to involve in missionary movement (6) Agrees to give early subscription fees (7) Agrees to Participate in  Pastors Fellowship Meetings and Workshops
 Only eligible candidates will be recommended by the ordination committee
 to the Bishop for the Ordination
The various responsibilities in the Diocese will be distributed and shared by eligible pastors.
In each districts there will be an overseer ( or ) Chairman who will have secretary and cashier to look after each Pastorate all the pastors in each districts will elect these above candidates.


  • GIM Diocese is actively engaged in proclaiming the word of God to everyone  and every where through word of mouths and deeds and plant churches where ever it is possible and ( where gospel is not told )
  • Training of the pastors in Biblical theology are carried out by eligible professors. The lessons and notes are prepared and distributed among the pastors so that apart from class hours they can go through them and imbibe the mission spirit.
  • The Diocese strengthens the pastors for pastoral concern and love for the people. Pastors are often instructed to set an example following the path of our Lord saviour Jesus Christ.Pastors workshop is done in each Districts on relevant today's appropriate subjects
  • We are in the out look to pick up the up growing leaders and impart them relevant theological knowledge with practical training with senior pastors and send them where new churches are planting. These new churches will come direct full control of the Diocese and make like front line churches.
  • The Diocese taken very special care for the Children, the day care centre for the children are being conducted by the Diocese. The education is ensured for poor children to upgrade their formal – informal, technical and professional courses.
  • Programme for the girls and women are conducted  all ages within the Diocese.
  • In today’s world the girls and women are in the prime front line of our human life. The Diocese gives priority attention to them.

  • The Diocese always nurture special concern for the needy, down trodden of the missionary work in Nepal, Bhutan, North Indian states like Bihar, West Bengal, Orissa and Nagpur and southern parts of India ( Chengelpet, Kanchi Dist, vellore Dist and Chennai 
  •  The Diocese also organises  activities for the women of the Diocese to come together in prayer, fellowship and outreach
  •  Through mission partner plan we want to make great mission movement, to Build Lord’s Kingdom on earth. 


The Bishop and administrative Body are in very keen on promoting mission Partner plan. The Mission Partners are those who are intentionally united with all those who are actively in the mission work and as a token sign they sign the commitment form and donate their mite for this great pious cause.

The Diocese has great vision with mission burden to bring willing churches in unity and create awareness to join as mission partners. The mission Partnering  church can speech, act, worship, challenge, support each other discuss and work together in unity of faith and fellowship to plant many churches.

The mission partners pool their mite and faith to create new church where ever gospel is not preach.

This will create new missionary revolution which will impact nations.

The ever glow GIM Diocese will inject new blood of faith in the churches which will overcome the stagnation, Lethargic mindedness in mission thought
 we strongly believe the end time ministry is ours.


We don’t interfere in your internal affairs. GIM Diocese does not operate as a denomination, membership club ( or ) Book keeping business. We strongly believe the church and Christian is non – profit organisation should operate autonomously thus your property and assets are held in the name of your church and ministry.

Gim Diocese does not seek to build a membership list from which to solicit income    ( or) promote it’s own published products ( or ) services. However we are convinced every church ( or ) pastors of Diocese should invert themselves in mission moment by mission Partner Plan, As paul submitted himself to the leadership of Jerusalem. our Diocesian pastors should share their mite to build kingdom of God  2 cor 8: 1-9 & 9: 6-7.  Gim Diocese  helps to fulfil your God given Vision.


GIM Diocese provides a qualified and experienced team to help you properly establish your church ( or ) ministry. As consultants to new and established ministries and churches, there adept professionals help ensure your compliance with both centre and state regulation.we request every Church must be registered as per govt law of 1962 act
A Qualified staffs available to offer your timely supports – No charges to Diocesan pastors. 



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